Claire Wemyss

Postpartum Doula
Location: Vancouver & Lower Mainland
Families Served: 5 +
Experienced Supporting: 2SLGBTQIA+ Families, Parenting and/or Caregiving, Disabled Persons, Neurodivergent Persons, Chronic and/or Acute Illness(es), Perinatal Mood Disorders
Get to know Claire


What languages do you speak?

English, some French.

What is your personal definition of “doula”?

A doula is a professional or member of the community with the wisdom, humility, sensitivity, and depth to support an individual or family through immense and taxing transitions.

What brought you to birth and postpartum work?

I want to be a experienced generalist in family care and support for the 0-5 period.

In a climate of caregiver burnout, how are you caring for yourself?

I observe Shabbat, build my support ecosystem, move my body as it needs, am very protective of my quality of sleep.

What is a standout book, movie/tv, etc about the childbearing/parenting journey that you return to?
  • While heartbreaking in some ways, Hunt for the Wilderpeople from Taika Watiti speaks to me of the depth and many shapes and forms that care and family take.
  • DONA Postpartum training
  • DONA Birth Doula Training
  • Currently in a “reciprocal clothing” making garden group in a year long cohort working with wool, flax, nettle, and dyes grown in the gardens we manage.


“I had the pleasure of having Claire as my postpartum doulas for both my children. It’s hard to explain just how wonderful it was to have her with me for the first 6 months of my postpartum journey. She would come to my house and just know what me and my children needed. I rarely had to ask for anything, she would already be doing what needed to be done, or holding my baby so I could shower or getting me food or tea or talking with me so I didn’t feel so alone. Claire has an amazing ability to talk to children. I have seen her work with newborns to teenagers and she just can get on their level. It’s truly amazing. Having her hold and wear my babies and play with my toddler is wonderful to watch. I never worried about them when they are with her. If you are looking for someone who seamlessly blends into your world and offers you more support than you know you needed then I 100% recommend Claire.” — Danielle Samuels

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