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Simone Richmond

Postpartum Doula
Location: Vancouver & Lower Mainland
Families Served: 10 +
Experienced Supporting: 2SLGBTQIA+ Families, Parenting and/or Caregiving, BIPGM Families, Immigrant and/or Refugee Families, Low-Income Families, Neurodivergent Persons, Chronic and/or Acute Illness(es), Pet Care
Get to know Simone


What languages do you speak?

English, conversational French, and Spanish.

What is your personal definition of “doula”?

A support person — a nonjudgemental listener, a sounding board, a resource. Someone who is there for the beautiful (and messy) parts of growing into yourself as a parent and family, however that looks for you.

What brought you to birth and postpartum work?

After having had a doula for my own birth and postpartum, I realized how impactful it could be. I have searched for a long time to find something meaningful when it comes to working, and when I found birth work, it really clicked. It’s community and it’s all connected. I believe everyone deserves to be seen and cared for during a big life transition like parenthood.

In a climate of caregiver burnout, how are you caring for yourself?

Listening to audiobooks, making sure to get some good belly laughs, fresh air, and being creative.


What is a standout book, movie/tv, etc about the childbearing/parenting journey that you return to?
  • Like a Mother by Angela Garbes
    • I wish I had read this during/before my own pregnancy!
  • Essential Labour: Mothering as Social Change by Angela Garbes
    • It has an amazing framework for the current times and the value of care work for everyone, not just parents.
  • Sunstone Postpartum Training, Cornerstone
  • CPR/AED-C, Safe Beginnings
  • Abortion Doula Continuing Education, Birthing Advocacy Training
  • BA Spanish & Women’s Studies, Western University
  • Jewellery Art & Design Diploma, Vancouver Community College
  • Childbirth Educator Training
  • Abortion Doula Training
  • Loss/Grief training
  • Full Spectrum Doula Training
  • Pelvic Floor Health


Postpartum doula care from Brood was a game changer for our family. I can’t recommend them enough. Brood provided us with a thorough discovery call, a meet and greet with our doula, and a rigorous screening and background check process. Our doula was phenomenal and exceptionally professional. Simone brought a wonderful, supportive energy to our home after having a newborn and again when I needed help at 5 months postpartum. — Jessica

We’re so grateful for Simone! She was the perfect mix of “listening to what we needed that day” and “observing what we needed and taking the initiative”. She may have saved us from total sleep deprivation on her first shift, in fact! We were on day 3 postpartum from an unplanned c-section — hadn’t unpacked from the hospital yet, and hadn’t slept for more than an hour at a stretch. She immediately saw what needed to happen and took charge: she tidied up our chaos, took over soothing our baby, and whisked us off to bed. The world of parenting seemed so much more manageable the next day! From then on she was a wealth of information and assistance: she helped ensure we ate well, introduced us to baby-wearing, taught us the fundamentals of baby baths, and gave us tips and tricks for soothing, diapering, gas, and so much more. Thank you, Simone! — Sabrina D

Super grateful that Brood was there for us during our postpartum period. Although we didn’t arrange for the service prior, Emma was able to get Simone to come to help us as soon as possible. Simone had such a calming and grounding presence. She jumped into helping us with meal prep, laundry, dog walking, taking out the garbage, etc. Simone was great with my son and I was able to get some rest or go for a grocery or appointments. She also checked in with me frequently during the week and provided a lot of resources and information. Brood was pretty flexible with the frequency of sessions as long as you give them enough notice. We are super thankful and cannot recommend them enough for being there for our transition into parents. — Julie

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