Zoya Khan Brood Doula Vancouver

Zoya Khan

Postpartum Doula
Location: Vancouver & Lower Mainland
Families Served: 2 +
Years of Experience: 6 +
Experienced Supporting: 2SLGBTQIA+ Families, BIPGM Families, Immigrant and/or Refugee Families, Low-Income Families, Single Parenthood, Neurodivergent Persons
Get to know Zoya


What languages do you speak?

English and Urdu

What is your personal definition of “doula”?

A doula is a support person, someone to lean on, an extra set of hands, a helper, a caregiver, a listener. A person you can rely on and trust while navigating the ups and downs of postpartum and parenthood.

What brought you to birth and postpartum work?

I have had a fascination with pregnancy and birth since I was a child. I would ask every pregnant person I have ever known about their birth story with wide eyes and rapt attention. Then as an adult I realized that my fascination does not need to stay as so; I can do this for a living! I can support people through birth and postpartum, I can be a part of that village that it takes to raise a baby.

In a climate of caregiver burnout, how are you caring for yourself?

I love to read! Escaping into a fictional world for an hour or so really helps me regroup and ground myself. I love taking long walks and going on bike rides to keep my body moving and clear my head. And on the occasions when I am too tired to read a book or the weather is bad, I am always happy to escape the world for a bit with some music and a crochet hook!

What is a standout book, movie/tv, etc about the childbearing/parenting journey that you return to?
  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, Ina May Gaskin
  • The Midwives Cauldron, Katie James and Dr. Rachel Reed
  • Postpartum Doula Certificate, Cornerstone Doula Training
  • CPR-BLS Certification, Safe Beginnings
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, UBC
  • Bachelor’s of Midwifery, UBC (current)
  • Birth Doula Training
  • Postpartum Massage Training


Zoya came to help us out with our 5-year-old, 3-year-old and 3-month-old, during a morning shift as well as an evening shift. Right from first connecting with her she was very professional and communicative. During her time with us she was eager and willing to help, resourceful and capable! She was fantastic with my older two and they loved playing with her too, asking when she could come back before she was even out the door. She was great with the baby as well; she was comfortable preparing and feeding him a bottle, changing his diaper, swaddling him and getting him settled back to sleep. I am so grateful for her willingness to take on a wide variety of tasks, above and beyond helping with the kiddos. For example, she unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, made lunch for my older two, helped out with bedtime routines and packed away some baby clothes that no longer fit my youngest. It was a huge help to have her and we can’t wait to have her back! — Kat

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