Edith Mata

Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula
Location: Vancouver & Lower Mainland
Families Served: 150 +
Birth Package: $1900 - $1500 + Agency Fee & Taxes
Experienced Supporting: LGBTQIAS2+ Families, Parenting and/or Caregiving, BIPGM Families, Immigrant and/or Refugee Families

Birth Doula Package

Edith’s package price is a sliding-scale model.

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Prenatal Care
  • 2+ prenatal sessions.
  • Text and phone support, from hiring to 4 weeks postpartum.
  • Access to lending library and tool bag, including a peanut ball, rebozos and TENS.
  • 24/7 on-call from 37 weeks until birth.
  • Access to all Brood’s online courses and Brood’s Family Portal.
  • Colostrum collection kit with written and video instructions.
Birth Attendance
  • Continuous, one-on-one and communication support from early labor until 2 hours post birth.
  • Access to rebozos, stretchy wrap for suspension, essential oils, lights for the environment, TENS machine, massage tools including traditional ones from Mexico.
  • Active support techniques specific to the birth situation, including knowledge from Spinning Babies, Blissborn Birth and Waterbirth from Barbara Harper, and Miles Circuit.
  • Evidence-based information for you to take the best decisions during your birth, in regard to pain management, place for your birth, care for you and your newborn during and after birth.
Postpartum Support
  • Text and phone support, for the first 4 weeks postpartum.
  • Support until 2 hours post birth.
  • 1- 2 postpartum visit where we can discuss/debrief birth as well as basic newborn care, feeding plan and revise resources.


What languages do you speak?

English and Spanish.

What is your personal definition of “doula”?

It’s this person that holds and provides a safe space for a person and their family/support system to explore their evidence-based options during their life’s journey, whether it is during their perinatal stage or end of life. A doula is a knowledge keeper and their family can run to them for any questions or support, within their healthy limits. Their role is to remind them of their own power, by providing normalization of processes, and walking them through whatever is needed during such important life stages.

What brought you to birth and postpartum work?

While I have always been involved in many parts of healthcare and providing resources, and being my grandma’s fastest learner in terms of care; it came by chance while supporting folks with multiple barriers and new immigrants while working in a mobile clinic here in Metro Vancouver. During my own gestation with my first baby as a BIPGM immigrant in Metro Vancouver, it opened up my eyes to the lack of support and resources for many of us immigrants. Soon after I went back to SFU to do research, and this is when I certified and started this care work journey (8 years ago now!).

In a climate of caregiver burnout, how are you caring for yourself?

When I am not supporting folks in my community, I am taking care of myself by going to therapy, scheduling days without any social media contact, fostering kitties, and exploring the outdoors with my kids/family!

What is a standout book, movie/tv, etc about the childbearing/parenting journey that you return to?
  • Bluey
    • It has helped me nurture, unlearn and support my kids and my inner child through their examples on how to be a better parent and sibling.
  • Childbirth Educator Training, Blissborn.
  • Waterbirth and Gentle Birth Provider.
  • Birth Doula Training, DONA.
    • Directly from Penny Simkin and revised with Kathy Lindstrom and Jalana Grant.
  • Full Spectrum Doula Training, Molly Dutton-Kenny.
  • Postpartum Doula Training, DONA (Douglas College).
  • Nursing HCP, Douglas College.
  • Canadian Passenger Safety Technician.
  • BSc Chemist from UANL, Mexico.
  • BA Health Science with Ext. Minor in Latin American Studies, Minor in Labor Studies from SFU.
  • UC San Diego Pathway 2 IBCLC Training.
  • BADT Trainings.
    • As I want to become more inclusive and decolonial in my practice.
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